rachel/harvey. harvey is the real reason why rachel doesn’t date co-workers.

When she tells Mike she can’t date anyone from the office it’s not strictly speaking the truth. It is in a way, because she can’t - but it’s not true in the way he believes it’s true.

She can see the look on his face, the way he wishes things were different, the way he wishes something would change, that look that says he could change her mind. She likes him is the thing, he’s a great guy. Probably one of the most amazing guys she’s ever met and maybe if things had been different it would have worked out between them.

But they’re not.

Because she is dating someone from the office, but then again dating is never something she would have called what she has with Harvey. It’s so much more complicated than that. Harvey is everything she’s ever wanted, and despite Mike looking at her like he’d love to be the one to take care of her - it’s Harvey that does at the end of each night.

It’s Harvey who knows her better than anyone else does, better than Mike ever could.

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